Bug Sweeping - Privacy Audits

Local Technical Inspections : TSCM Sweep: Debugging Audit

Local Technical Inspection (‘Bug Sweeping’)

We ensure that your privacy and information are not being compromised by electronic eavesdropping devices or other threats, through the delivery of Local Technical Inspections – also known as ‘Bug sweeps’. These can be provided as a one-off or more commonly as an ongoing recurrent service using cutting-edge technical surveillance countermeasures equipment.

Electronic Countermeasures Audit

Once we have secured your offices. We can recommend, procure, install and maintain systems and other countermeasures equipment to protect your environment 24/7 against covert eavesdropping threats. Our systems are designed to detect eavesdropping vulnerabilities to ensure that your information remains secure.

In-Place Monitoring – Meeting Shield

This type of Inspection takes place in conjunction with a meeting or other corporate event. Meeting Shield is a proactive and real time approach to the detection of eavesdropping devices during a meeting. A full TSCM inspection is performed prior to the start of the event in both the meeting location and surrounding areas. During the meeting the area is monitored for any surreptitious transmissions. Client is alerted if a positive detection is identified.


Technical Vulnerability Assessment 

To examine and confirm you have appropriate safeguards including policies and procedures in place to inhibit intelligence leakage, we can carry out an evaluation of your workplace to identify technical, physical and procedural vulnerabilities, and provide you with practical advice on the implementation of diligent and robust countermeasures.

Technical Security 

Construction Countermeasures

You will want to safeguard that your new office build-out is not compromised during its construction. We can provide you with advice and monitor the process throughout the refurbishment of your secure environment to prevent the deep installation and deployment of technical eavesdropping devices which would compromise the security of your information once you occupy the office space.

Technical Surveillance

Countermeasures Training

For the hands-on detection of eavesdropping devices, we conduct training on best practice procedures and specialist detection skills. Our courses are designed using the knowledge we have compiled over many years of conducting eavesdropping detection inspections. We stimulate and engage the attendees in a wide range of simulated technical attack scenarios.

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