Digital Investigations

Mobile Device Forensics

The most advanced mobile device forensics for the most demanding situations. Evidentially sound data extraction from mobile phones, iPhones, Blackberry, Android and other Mobile devices.

Mobile device forensics is best known for its application to law enforcement investigations, but it is also useful for corporate investigations, electronic discovery (eDiscovery) and litigation support.

Mobile Device Forensics includes the examination of mobile phone handsets and all attached media, such as SIM cards (subscriber Identity module) and memory storage cards, normally, a microSD card located inside the device. Mobile device forensics is similar to digital forensics in that a wide variety of data can be retrieved, including call registers, SMS text messages and MMS, multimedia messages.

Spyware – The New Corporate “Bug”

We have noticed an upsurge in the number of mobile devices which have been compromised and illicit software, aka spyware installed; this can be devastating to not only the business but also ones personnel life. A simply way to prevent spyware being placed on the phone is to maintain control of the device at all times. If you believe you device maybe compromised then the simplest, quickest and cost effective approach is to replace the device.

If you absolutely need to know if your device has been compromised we can isolate the device and conduct a mobile forensic investigation to either confirm or refute your suspicions, depending on the type of spyware in place it may be possible to identify to whom the device is reporting to.

Digital Forensics – Audit and Investigations

We offer a complete end-to-end service. From on-site analysis, seizure and forensic collection of exhibits, to processing within our secure-storage imaging laboratory, timely and cost-effective analysis by our dedicated specialists, and production of forensic reports. Our laboratories are equipped with industry-standard tools to examine a whole range of computers and mobile devices likely to be submitted for examination – from the latest smartphones to the largest hard drives. Our central location means we are well placed to deal with urgent cases in the CBD and surrounding areas.


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