Network Security Audit

Network Vulnerability Assessments

As part of our cyberTSCM risk review, technical countermeasures, network security audits can be performed of your key infrastructure; this includes the entry point to your network (your Internet service providers connection to your offices) router, firewalls, intrusion detection devices, network switches, and cable infrastructure. 


Furthermore, our cyberTSCM+ risk review services can additionally extend to the desktop to undertake a full software audit; this would identify all programs present on the machine, and the level of patching that is up-to-date (Or not) this kind of vulnerability assessment would also identify rogue software installed, including the installation of spyware and keylogging programs. Generally, this is not something that is undertaken across the entire corporation but is selected on a case-by-case basis. Organisations normally select this service when they absolutely need to know if they have been the subject of compromise. 

Why do you need this?

We have assisted a number of clients over the last decade whom have fallen victim to a ransomware attack or business email compromise (BEC) which has crippled their operations, either there is a large financial loss which often runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars or downtime costing them several days in lost production, times this by the number of staff they employ and it will amount to a serious loss in revenue, and/or lost production. Additionally, keeping a lid on such situations is paramount to maintain corporate image, and for the client to maintain confidence with its client base. 

Our cyberTSCM and cyberTSCM+ are our preventative countermeasures we have found that a number of clients either have no in-house IT or have IT staff which are not security aware or outsource their IT requirements to a managed service provider.


Normally security is low on their list, we have found in-house IT personnel whom after a security breach when they were being interviewed declared that they were too scared to perform updates to the network infrastructure fearing that it may break and they may incapacitate the network, and either be reprimanded or their services terminated. Hence updating of network infrastructure components was not undertaken and left to chance thereby, a vulnerability that could have been avoided ended up being exploited. 


We have found that most managing directors / boards of directors have assumed because they’ve purchased network firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other perimeter security defense’s that they are safe from cyber threats. However, without upkeep and management of these perimeter defenses they are only good for one financial quarter. Most company directors take it on blind faith that systems are maintained and are up to date; this failing generally only comes to light after the company has suffered a data breach and/or ransomware has been successfully deployed. 

Take Action

Give us a call, in complete confidence. We’ll be happy to discuss the service offering and how we can assist and confirm your in-house IT or outsourced service provider are keeping your network as safe and secure as is possible. 

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