Internet Investigations

Social Media – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

It is said that the Akashic Records (“The book of life”) is a compendium of all human emotions, thoughts, words, events, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future.  The book of life, for most people is now contained in one or more Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Sino Weibo, Reddit, TicTok, Douban, VKontakte, Flickr, Meetup, Tencent, Xing, Nextdoor, Tinder, Foursquare, MySpace. Just to name the top 20 of which there are thousands to review whilst conducting detailed Internet investigations. 

People post their life and far too much personal information which is often useful for identifying their current location, their friend groups, personal interests, love interests, amongst other things; this allows a skilled researcher to build a file on each subject organisation whilst conducting a digital assessment or Internet investigations. 

Even those people whom are knowledgeable and understand the power of Internet investigations and who are careful with what they post have little or no control of what their contacts or friend group posts that inadvertently includes, identifies, and places them and other people at a location at a point in time. Sometimes a simple photograph with some background detail is all that is required. 

Additionally, databases exist that are both freely available and paid resources that contain a wealth of information and sometimes provides the missing piece to an avenue of enquiry. some examples include business registrations, property registrations and such; these all aid the skilled investigator when conducting a detailed Internet investigation. we help clients understand capture, monitor, interpret and analyse, relevant content and data. 

Whether you have a quick Internet investigations inquiry or need a more in-depth social media investigation, Risk3 Consulting will endeavor to get the answers you seek. Discreetly gathering Internet intelligence in a forensically sound manner that is repeatable, defensible and presentable to the courts of law if required.

Our Approach to Internet Investigations

Over the years we have built an efficient and effective digital investigations framework, dependent on the nature of the investigation, and the information that is made available to us by the client, as well as the client’s ultimate goals are diligently considered, prior to the first stroke of the keyboard.   

Typically, for most Internet investigations we receive limited information from our client about the subject. Sometimes we are given just an e-mail address, or social media profile name, or just a name or telephone number. Based on this information, we formulate a logical search plan and undertake further investigation. Our investigators and analysts also conduct crafted internet searches in forums, discussion boards as well as on marketplaces. Each search specifically optimised to meet investigation goals. 

Undertaking covert Internet investigations is a daily procedure for us, we use optimised and secured VPN connections globally as well as different virtual machines (VMs) for each investigation this allows to operate invisibly and covertly, our investigators operate with various “legends” with no pathway back to us or you.  

We provide our reports with an executive summary and in a clear readable format, where information is difficult to articulate we will provide a visual presentation explaining technical terms and all relevant information succinctly. 

Please feel free to give us a call, the initial consultation is without charge. We generally do an assessment of the case and only accept cases where we can add value or to directly provide the information that is sought. 

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